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Source Central have skilled resources on staff that can assist with Project Management and implementation of any IT
related project your school is looking to perform.

Network auditing is a process in which your network is mapped both in terms of software and hardware. We recommend our clients use this service to understand any underlying concerns within your current environment so that we can best assist you with preparing your business for the future.

There are many reasons why your current network could benefit from an audit:

Your project planning is core to the success of your IT projects. We can provide you with consultative planning at any stage of your IT related project. Through engagement with our skilled resources, you can ensure your project is scoped, planned and deployed maximising effectiveness of the solution.

Once the planning phases are complete, we engage our clients to ensure there is a 360 review process of every project to make sure there are no gaps in scope or expectation.

“The critical stages of consultation and planning are now complete, our skilled team will work diligently to complete the project tasks will minimal to no impact to the working day of the environment. Documenting the project as they go and supplying that information to our clients as part of the project completion.”

Every system needs a checkup. So with engagement with our clients, we can supply ongoing maintenance services revolving around the project delivered, or inturn, complete a knowledge transfer to our client for internal maintenance to be performed.

Help Desk

All services we provide, regardless of the scale, are of the highest standard which will ensure that you have peace of mind and guaranteed satisfaction. We are proud of our strong background and experience in providing our clients with short or long term IT solutions. This can include:

  • IT Managers
  • Help Desk Support
  • Network Administration
  • Specialist Project Engineers
  • Microsoft and Web Developers

Here at Source Central, the key to our success is the close working relationships that we develop with our clients. This allows us to best identify the needs of our clients and provide the IT solutions to match.

Why Outsource?

In many businesses, employees that are not specialized in IT are called upon to be responsible for IT issues supplementary to their main role. This arrangement can cause problems as often these employees do not have specialized skills in IT. As a result of this they may not be able to advise or deliver appropriate solutions.

This additional commitment within a company can also waste the valuable time of these staff members. Outsourcing eliminates this stress as well as the cost of full time internal IT employees.  Our clients who utilise our IT outsourcing enjoy the feeling of having and in-house IT expert without the hassle and for a fraction of the cost


We understand the needs that our clients have regarding the daily management and maintenance of their IT systems. As a result of auditing, we can produce informative and concise audits of your current systems and offer affordable, more suitable solutions for your business that are both easily integrated and maintained.

Network auditing is a process in which your network is mapped both in terms of software and hardware. We recommend our clients use this service to understand any underlying concerns within your current environment so that we can best assist you with preparing your business for the future. There are many reasons why your current network could benefit from an audit:


Practical business owners and managers know that they can get better results from their staff if their IT system is designed to deliver that same high standard of productivity. Everyone knows that the technology landscape is constantly changing these days and it is important to realise that the system you bought just a few years ago could now be the very thing that is holding your business back. These problems can be highlighted through a thorough network audit


There are a number of ways that your business can be affected by subversive threats. Spyware and Viruses can cause site wide outages and also allow hackers to access your network. Simple encryptions on many wireless devices can be cracked easily and the nature of security threats are changing daily. Our audits ensure that we can advise you in taking suitable security measures for viruses, spyware, internet intrusion and prevention, data security, passwords and encryption.


For a network to function correctly it is crucial that all IT infrastructures are configured correctly according to your hardware and software specifications. A network will become unreliable if it has been neglected and has sustained various problems that have not been addressed. By auditing your network, Source Central can establish the standard of reliability that your system currently offers and suggest improvements that will boost your system to a higher standard that can then be maintained appropriately in the future.

Cost Efficiency

Unsuitable or poorly maintained networks can waste time due to problems such as slow program responses and system crashes. Security incidents such as a virus or hacking breach of your IT network can affect your whole staff for an undesirable period of time. By improving your network, Source Central can ensure that your business doesn’t lose any profit due to lost time or opportunities. A thorough audit can result in huge savings and ensure that your IT system is as cost effective as possible.


Are you looking for an offsite backup solution for your organisation?

We can help.

Source Central use Veeam to supply a fully managed onsite, or hosted offsite backup and recovery solution. This takes away the worry and concern related to self managing backups. We can offer subscription based models to remove the requirement for CAPEX expenditure. Contact us to find out more.

Veam Backup and Replication

Veeam is built specifically for virtual environments to provide fast backup and recovery of virtual machines, whether on VMware or Hyper-V. With a single license, from a unified console, you can protect your entire virtual infrastructure with industry leading features such as Instant VM Recovery, Instant File-Level Recovery, 2-in-1: backup and replication, built-in de-duplication, centralized management and much more.

Whether you use VMware, Hyper-V or a combination of both – Veeam has you covered!

Reduce Costs and Maximize Virtualization Outcomes

Leverage virtualization-specific approach

Veeam Backup & Replication protects your investment in virtualization by helping to maintain business continuity and provide you with the tools needed to remain flexible and agile so you can meet the ever-changing needs of your organization.

Veeam Backup & Replication is much simpler and less expensive to license and maintain than legacy backup tools. It’s licensed per VM per month or per CPU socket and includes backup, replication, de-duplication, multi-hypervisor support and centralized management in one cohesive solution. Veeam Backup & Replication provides the most comprehensive protection of your virtual infrastructure at a fraction of the price of other tools.

Mail Filtering

CISCO’S Industry Leading Email Protection

Keep your critical business email safe from spam, malware, and other threats. Our industry-leading solution gives you faster, more complete email protection to stop email-based threats and provide continuous protection before, during, and after an attack

Source Central offer a managed cloud based solution that you can pay for by the month, avoiding costly capex solutions.

Leverage virtualization-specific approach

Contact us for information on how we can get you protected within 48 hours.

Professional Development

As Schools look more to technology to assist in the classroom, there is a higher reliance on training. Source Central has skilled staff that can assist with PD that covers GAFE or Apple.

This training can be be for simple actions for new staff to your school up to complex IT solutions, training your IT staff new technologies.

Contact us for further information relating to all areas of professional development you are looking to do, as we can assist with the relevant content delivery.