Source Central is proudly both an Apple Authorised Education Reseller and Apple Solutions Expert. This allows us to provide the best services and solutions that Apple has to offer. We are also part of the Apple Consultants Network (ACN) which means our team are trained to Apple standards. If you are in need of assistance relating to your Apple deployment projects, contact us to see how we can assist your school or organisation.


Apple Education Solutions

Apple has developed powerful tools specifically for use in schools — to support administrators with their deployments and teachers with their classroom workflows, and to enable a personalised learning experience for every student. Apple supports IT teams in the deployment process, so every aspect of a school’s experience with Apple products can be as simple and intuitive as the products themselves. Learn more at https://www.apple.com/au/education/k12/it/.

To ensure Apple devices are always protected, Source Central recommends an Apple Care support plan is applied at the time of purchase. AppleCare can provide up to three years of additional hardware service options, including parts and labour, from Apple-authorised technicians around the world. Learn more at https://www.apple.com/au/support/products/

Source Central is proud to partner with JAMF to streamline the deployment and management of Mobile Devices through a subscription based model. This partnership brings DEP Zero-Touch device set-up for our customers for onsite/remote configurations and application deployments. Learn more at https://www.jamf.com/solutions/technologies/mac-management/

Ensuring that Apple devices are always connected to reliable online storage Source Central partners with Google and Microsoft to take advantage of their Cloud based storage solutions and online learning management systems. Learn more at https://www.sourcecentral.com.au/education/services/gafe/

Source Central also partner with and deploy industry leading Switches and WIFI access points to ensure the infrastructure supporting Apple devices is at current industry standards. These deployments can be part of our well-known all encompassing ICT support model or project based. Learn more at www.sourcecentral.com.au/education/services/products/

Apple Professional Learning


Apple Professional Learning Specialists work with teachers throughout the journey—from acquiring foundational knowledge to developing instructional innovation that creates more a-ha moments with students.

Apple Professional Learning Specialists provide:

• Visionary conversations

• Consultative relationships

• Flexible curriculum integration practices

• Hands-on and immersive learning experiences

• Research-based instructional technology strategies

• Personal experience with innovative teaching and learning

Throughout out our Educational partnerships students are encouraged to display their imaginations and ideas they have learnt. With the use of iPad’s students shine by showcasing their growth in Literacy, Numeracy, Science & Enquiry.

Some of our schools have enabled students to address curriculum units with the use of iPads. In the video below students were tasked with drawing up a storyboard of a dreamtime story and then using the Stick-bot app on an iPad filmed all the scenes. The they used iMovie to edit and put together the final product.

Kolbe Catholic College


Kolbe Catholic College uses a 1 to 1 MacBook program to allow all Students, Staff and faculty access to online material and applications.

Kolbe is just one of the many schools that choose to adopt Apple products into their educational learning, be it in design, engineering or media studies.

How Kolbe Catholic College Started

Kolbe started as a brand new school with minimal ICT interaction. Source Central was able to help the school grow by assisting with their journey to use ICT within curriculum. This began with using Apple MacBooks in a 1 to 1 program that allowed all staff and students to have access to Apple applications (Pages, Keynote & Numbers), Microsoft office and Adobe Creative Cloud suite for learning and teaching. Over time Source Central have provided support for all Apple products using management tools and solutions.

The road to management

Source Central provided an open source management system called “Munki” and “Deploy Studio” that allowed the school to deploy MacBooks, restrict certain settings and applications to student devices. This also allowed devices to get the necessary applications and software required for curriculum units. Source Central provided full in house support for this platform and ensured all devices had the required restrictions and protection.

Over time Kolbe moved to a proprietary MDM solution called JAMF Pro that has allowed further support and management offsite. These changes in software and management allowed more control of how students use their devices for educational purposes.

Apple software, application & hardware

The school utilise the full Apple suite such as Pages, Keynote and Numbers in conjunction with other subscription based services such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office. These applications are managed and supplied by Source Central. Source Central provide all Apple devices for Kolbe, this includes our most popular device which is much loved by the students, the MacBook Air. The MacBook air is the device of choice due to its durability, simple sleek design and user friendly operating system.


From the Deputy Principal

“Kolbe Catholic College has worked closely with Source Central over the past decade to design systems and vehicles to support Learning and Teaching. Since first integrating the use of Apple Products into our approach for ICT For Learning, Source Central has provided guidance on the operation of various platforms that has enabled the College to produce high quality learning experiences for students in every lesson of every day. The students, staff and families at Kolbe Catholic College work together to ‘aspire to be more’, striving for academic excellence. As a community we pride ourselves on delivering educational experiences that redefine learning, enabling learners to be leaders in their field of choice upon graduation. Source Central has been a vital component to achieving this, ensuring that the College has access to the best quality Apple Products and Systems available. The 1:1 MacBook Program coupled with the use of a diverse range of other Apple Products has created a first class platform for the delivery of Accelerated Learning, STEM, VCE, VET, VCAL and a range of other specialist learning programs.”