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Source Central have skilled resources on staff that can assist with Project Management and implementation of any IT related project your school is looking to perform.

Network auditing is a process in which your network is mapped both in terms of software and hardware. We recommend our clients use this service to understand any underlying concerns within your current environment so that we can best assist you with preparing your business for the future. There are many reasons why your current network could benefit from an audit:

Consultation & Planning:

Your project planning is core to the success of your IT projects. We can provide you with consultative planning at any stage of your IT related project. Through engagement with our skilled resources, you can ensure your project is scoped, planned and deployed maximising effectiveness of the solution.


Once the planning phases are complete, we engage our clients to ensure there is a 360 review process of every project to make sure there are no gaps in scope or expectation.


The critical stages of consultation and planning are now complete, our skilled team will work diligently to complete the project tasks will minimal to no impact to the working day of the environment. Documenting the project as they go and supplying that information to our clients as part of the project completion


Every system needs a checkup. So with engagement with our clients, we can supply ongoing maintenance services revolving around the project delivered, or inturn, complete a knowledge transfer to our client for internal maintenance to be performed.